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More connections of a sort:
Doris also has a Sparks line....some people give Elizabeth sparks as the wife of her James Pleasants Bolling - others Elizabeth Gibson.   I am not sure which Doris thinks is most correct or even if maybe he had two wives.
I have a coupld of lines out of Henry Co. GA.  who move to Franklin Co. Ala. & intermarry with my Bolling man....John Messer and the Eli STrickland family.

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All --
Sharon's line of Sparks are related to the Benge family of Wilkes Co., NC and Clay Co., KY.  Here's how:  Abel SPARKS married Elizabeth BENGE, d/o Thomas Benge who was also the father of David "King David" Benge of Clay Co., KY. A son of "King David" Benge and Lucretia PERRY was John David BENGE "Jackie" was born 1797 in , , Nc. He died before 1860 in , Clay, Ky;  Jackie married Philadelphia Ann HARRISON "Delphia" on 9 Jan 1817 in , Clay, Ky. Delphia was born about 1800 in , Cocke, Tn. She died before 1870 in , Clay, Ky.  Sheila has a HARRISON BOLING of Blount Co., TN who married Matilda PEERY.  
The following information came from the SPARKS FAMILY which has been snipped to shorten:
Sparks, Abel (1767 - ) - male b. 8 JAN 1767 in Rowan Co, NC  d. in Henry Co, GA 
father: Sparks, Solomon (~1725 - <1800) mother: ???, Sarah (*1728 - <1800) 

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1987, Whole No. 138, pg. 3062: 
"Several members of the branch of the Sparks family to which the twomen named Abel Sparks belonged were regularly taxed in Surry County,North Carolina, during the 1790s in what was called "Captain Benge 'sDistrict" (it became Captain Wilburn's District in 1795). On the WilkesCounty side, the district in which members of this family owned land andwere taxed was called "Captain Holloway's District" in 1795, although by1800 it was called "Captain Johnson's District." These were actually districts for the training of the local militia, but they also served asgeographical divisions for collecting taxes. All tax records of thisperiod have not survived, nor have we been able to make a thorough search of all of those that are extant. 

"The earliest reference that we have found to the name Abel Sparks appears on the tax list of Captain Benge's District in Surry County for the year 1794. Abel was then taxed for 200 acres of land. Other Sparkses also taxed in the same district were William Sparks, Sr. (400 acres);William Sparks, Jr. (350 acres); Thomas Sparks (220 acres); Reuben Sparks(300 acres); George Sparks (220]. 

"The tax list for Captain Benge's District for 1795 does not survive,but that for 1796 does, although it was now called Captain Wilburn'sDistrict. Abel Sparks was taxed there that year on 150 acres. He was taxed in Captain Wilburn's District also in 1802 (poll tax only--he owned no land in 1802). We have not found him on subsequent tax lists of SurryCounty. We believe the reason is that he moved to Georgia in 1802 or1803. When the 1800 census was taken, he had been listed as a residentof Wilkes County. We believe that the census taker had been unsure ofthe dividing line between Surry and Wilkes Counties, and that he includedAbel in Wilkes County while the tax collector had included his land inSurry County. 

"The earliest surviving tax list for Wilkes County on which we havefound the name of Abel Sparks is that for 1800--he was taxed that year in Captain Johnson's District for 60 acres of land in Wilkes County. Reubin Sparks (360), brother of Abel Sparks, was also taxed in the same districtin Wilkes County, whereas, like Abel, he had been taxed earlier in SurryCounty. The same was also true of John Sparks (359), brother of Abel and Reuben; John was taxed for 260 acres in 180. We believe, again, that thetaxing of these men in Wilkes County rather than Surry resulted from confusion over the county line. 

"Abel Sparks married Elizabeth Benge. She was a daughter of Thomas Benge of Wilkes County, North Carolina. (Here article details terms ofwill and names spouse and children of Thomas Benge--pg 3062). 

"The identity of Elizabeth (Benge) Sparks as the wife of Abel Sparks is further proven by her own application for bounty land in 1851 andagain in 1855, based on Abel's service in the War of 1812. She stated inher application that her maiden name had been Benge and that she and AbelSparks had been married in Wilkes County, North Carolina, "sometime inNovember 1794 by one William Lewis, a Justice of the Peace." She made this statement on February 3, 1851, but on May 1, 1855, when she againsigned a statement regarding her marriage, she said she and Abel had beenmarried on November 10, 1795, in Wilkes County by Wm. Lewis. In herFebruary 3, 1851 statement, she have her age at that time as 76, whichwould mean she was born about 1755. In her May 1, 1855 statement, sheindicated that she was now 79 years old. From these statements, we canprobably assume that she was born in either 1775 or 1776. We do not knowhow to reconcile the two dates given for her marriage.
 Since she wasmore precise about the date in her 1855 statement, we may speculate thatshe had found a written record of the event by that time. 

(Article discusses census of 1800 in Wilkes County and court minutesdated February 7, 1800 directing Abel and others to "view and lay off aroad"). 
"Abel Sparks moved from Wilkes County, North Carolina, to ClarkeCounty, Georgia, in either 1802 or 1803. He was taxed (poll tax) in Clarke County, Georgia, (Captain Reynold's District) in 1803. He ownedno land--his poll tax was 31 cents 2 1/2 mills. 
"Uriah Sparks, whom we believe also to have been a son of Abel Sparks,the Elder, was born in 1797 in North Carolina. As noted above, we have not found him on the 1820census of Georgia, but we think it likely that he was the Uriah Sparks who married PollyPinhinter on July 4, 1821, in Montgomery County, Alabama. He was living in Newton County, Georgia, in1830 and in Carroll County, Georgia, in 1840 and 1850. It was in Newton Countythat he was married to his second wife on December 8, 1831; she was Sarah Whatley, daughter ofSolomon and Polly 
(McLendon) Whatley. She was born in 1807 and died in 1850. Uriah's thirdwife was named Mahala Browning. He had four children by his first wife and nine by hissecond. Their names were: 
(1) George W. Sparks, born ca. 1822; (2) Green Sparks, born between 1820and 1835; (3) William Sparks, born ca. 1826; (4) an unidentified son, born ca. 1825-30;(5) Mary Sparks, born June 6, 1833; (6) Martha Sparks, born ca. 1835; (7) Simeon Sparks, bornca. 1837; (8) Sarah Sparks, born ca. 1839; (9) C. Napoleon Sparks, born ca. 1841; (10) Joseph Sparks, born ca. 1843; (11) Andrew Sparks, born ca. 1844; (12) Dennis M. Sparks, born November 1844; and (13) Nancy Sparks, born March 4, 1850. More detailed information regardingthese thirteen children 
was given in the query noted at the top of this page, in the December1980 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 112, page 2258. 
"In 1821 Georgia's fourth land lottery was conducted. As noted earlier,records have been preserved naming all participants in only the first lottery of 1805; insubsequent drawings (1807, 1820, 1821, 1827, and 1832), only the names of the winners have been preserved. Among the winners in 1821 was Abel Sparks of Walton County-3n, fact, he won lots with both of his draws (2021 acres in each), one being in the 6th District of Houston County andthe other in the 12th District of Henry County. 
"On July 24, 1822, Abel Sparks, the Elder, still of Walton County, soldfor $275 to Hinche Mitchell, also of Walton County, the lot (No. 153) that he had won in the 12thDistrict of Henry County located on Paris Creek (Deed Book 1, p. 236).Elijah Shaw and John Campbell witnessed the deed. 
"When Elizabeth (Benge) Sparks applied for bounty land initially onFebruary 3, 1851, she stated that her husband, Abel Sparks, had died in Henry County, Georgia, on June18, 1824. In her second application (for additional land under a new federal law) on May1, 1855, she stated that her husband had died on June 25, 1823. We have found no record from anyother source to verify which of these dates is correct. Henry County had been created in 1821from a portion of Walton 
County along with Indian lands. It was in Henry County, as noted above,that Abel Sparks had won one of his tracts of land in 1821, but he sold it the following year toHinche Mitchell. Abel and his family may have lived in that portion of Walton County that became HenryCounty, or they may have moved there in 1822 or 1823. 

 spouse: Benge, Elizabeth (1776 - ) 
- m. 10 NOV 1795 in Wilkes County, NC 
----------child: Sparks, David (1794 - 1862) 
----------child: Sparks, Uriah (~1798 - ) 
----------child: Sparks, Marberry (*1805 - ) 
----------child: Sparks, Mary (*1805 - ) 

Benge, Elizabeth (1776 - ) - female b. 1776 
father: Benge, Thomas (*1741 - ) 
mother: ???, Susannah (*1745 - ) 
Benge, Thomas (*1741 - ) - male 
d. in AFt Jan 21, 1811 
spouse: ???, Susannah (*1745 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Susannah (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Ann (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Sally (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Elizabeth (1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Micajah (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, David (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Thomas Jr. (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Nancy (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Mary (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, James (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, Richard (*1776 - ) 
----------child: Benge, William (*1776 - ) 

David "King David" BENGE was born Aug 1760 Albemarle, Va and was christened 1800 in Kentucky. He died 3 Mar 1854 in , Clay Co, Ky and was buried in Martin Cem, Clay, Ky. married Lucretia PERRY in 1783 in North Carolina.
2. David BENGE "King David" (Thomas ) was born Aug 1760 in , Albemarle, Va and was christened 1800 in Kentucky. He died 3 Mar 1854 in , Clay Co, Ky and was buried in Martin Cem, Clay, Ky.
King David married Lucretia PERRY in 1783 in North Carolina. Lucretia was christened in of North Carolina. They had the following children: 
 3 MiJoel BENGE was born about 1786 in North Carolina. He died 1 Dec 1866 in , Rockcastle, Kentucky.  Joel married Jane BURNETT "Jenny" on 1 Sep 1809 in Hays Fork, Madison Co., Ky. Jenny was born about 1794 in Va. She died 23 Jan 1877 in Big Hill, Madison, Ky.
 4 FiiSarah BENGE was born about 1787/2042 in , Madison, Ky.  Sarah married George FREEMAN on 18 Nov 1810 in , Clay, Ky.
 5 FiiiElizabeth BENGE "Bettie" was born 1790 in Nc. She died 1860 in Prob., Clay, Ky.
 6 FivAnna BENGE was born about 1789 in , Wilkes, Nc. She died after 1860.  Anna married William BUNCH on 28 Jan 1812 in , Clay, Ky. William was born about 1787 in Tn [District]. He died 1851/1918 in , Walker, Ga.
 7 MvJohn David BENGE "Jackie" was born 1797 in , , Nc. He died before 1860 in , Clay, Ky.   Jackie married Philadelphia Ann HARRISON "Delphia" on 9 Jan 1817 in , Clay, Ky. Delphia was born about 1800 in , Cocke, Tn. She died before 1870 in , Clay, Ky.
 8 MviWilliam BENGE "Bugger Bill" was born 1799. He died in , Clay, Ky.
 9 MviiThomas BENGE was born 1 Jan 1801 in Madison, Ky. He died 18 Aug 1879 in , Warren, Ia and was buried in Hammondsburg Cem, Warren, Ia.
 10 MviiiMicajah BENGE was born about 1802 in , Madison, Ky.
+11 MixLewis Franklin BENGE was born 8 Jul 1805 and died 26 Sep 1900. 
 12 FxNancy BENGE was born about 1807 in , Madison, Ky.  Nancy married William CORNETT, son of Roger Vader CORNETT and Zelphia CALLAHAN, on 8 Jan 1825 in , Clay, Ky. William was born 1795.  Zelphia Callahan, d/o Edward Callahan. 
 13 FxiLucinda BENGE was born about 1809 in , Clay, Ky. 
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