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1850 Census of Franklin County - Andy Bolin755 viewsThis is a page of the 1850 Census of Franklin County that shows Andy Bolin age 30, his wife P. A. Bolin age 35 and their children.Kammy Curry
1880 Census of Franklin, AL page 2474 viewsThis is page two of a 1880 Census of Franklin, AL. It references Sarah Bolling and children.Kammy Curry
1880 Census of Franklin, AL, page 1666 viewsThis is the first page of the 1880 Census of Franklin, AL. It references the following Bolding heads of household: Mary Bolding age 65 and 2 children. Also Robt. Bolling age 29. His wife Sarah and children are referenced on the next page.Kammy Curry
1870 Census of Franklin, AL705 viewsThis is a 1870 Census of Franklin, AL. It shows many Boldings, with the following Head of Households: R A Bolding age 19 (year of birth 1849/50) and his wife S A Bolding age 14 (year of birth 1845/46). Andy Bolding, age 55 (year of birth 1815), his wife Mary A Bolding (year of birth 1816) and their children. AP Bolding age 24 (year of birth 1846) and his wife whose name I have trouble reading, looks like Aley.

Also on this census are a Messer family.
Kammy Curry
1850 Census of Franklin County, AL.709 views1850 Census of Franklin County, AL. It shows a James Bolding who was 53 at the time (year of birth 1797), married to Elizabeth Bolding, and their children. Kammy Curry
1860 Census of Franklin County, AL.671 views1860 Census of Franklin County, AL. It shows Andy Bolding age 30 (year of birth 1830), his wife Polly A. Bolding, and their children. Kammy Curry
Alabaa State Agriculture Census 1850664 viewsThis is noteworthy because this record [unlike the Federal census] shows Solomon at p. 65 and the others Boldings at p. 67 indicating that more than likely they did live near each other.Hazael
1850 Alabama State Census record p. 66 & 67525 viewsThis record holds the names of more Boldings than just those in the Federal Census. Note John Williams who might be Doris' man of that name. Next is Jas. Bolding who in that age bracket is Hazael's Rev. Jas. Bolding. Immediately under him is A.P. Bolding. Then John Bolding and another A. P. Bolding, mine is the one above with more sons; Then James A. Bolding then Moses Weatherby [looks like Weatherly] and next to him the elder Joseph Boling same age as my James. Then the Wren, then Pattersons, BatesHazael
1810 Pendleton Dist. SC - James Boling and his brother in law Wm. Paris - both married to daughter's of Capt. Robert Pickens1227 viewsIn this census image...the first census where James Bolling is found, Note: John Wiggington next to him and the two Willington men at the bottom of this page...John & George. Also note Aaron Nally. He was the son ofAbraham Nally who was on George's Creek from St. Mary's Co. Maryland. Hence the James Bowling from St. Mary's has crossed my mind as an possible ancestor for my James Bolling. The John Clardy family however, is from Halifax Co. VA and that is to me the most likely home of James Bolling's ancestors.Hazael
1790 Pendleton Dist. SC Robert Pickens & Andrew Warnock & John Hallum.718 viewsRobert Pickens is the father of Anne Pickens who marries James Boling who moves near here in 1807. ...That is unless he is already living near here as one of the 3 sons of James Bowling of the 1787 land grant on 18 Mile Creek.
Andrew Warnock is the father of Lucretia Warnock who marries John Porter Bolding the brother to my Andrew P.Bolding who is born here in 1812.
1790 Greenville Co. SC census image771 viewsThomas Bowlin of Tyger River. Note Rayburns, and Hazael's Joab Halds. Note also William cornelius...was he the same as recruited Joseph Bolling of Indianna Am. Rev. Pension. Note Cornelius Cargeal.Hazael
John Bolling Franklin County Alabama 1830809 views1830 Census of John Bowling Franklin County Alabama ca. 1830. Note same age as the John Bolling in 1840 between Doris Oakes' two Weatherby men who had Bolling wives. Also NOTE: [1] David Tollerson mentioned with Lawrence Co. Ala. Bolling estate. [2] Burgesses...who witness will of Andy P. Bolding; Wm. Sparks who is next to Isaac Cloud in 1830 McMinn & patents this land in Franklin Co. Ala. Elizabeth Sparks given in Doris' family Bible. Connect there to william Wood & toJoseph Rice & Andersons.Hazael
1830 McMinn Co. Tennessee - James Bolling, Robert Patterson, Andrew Warnock, cyrus Yancey 523 viewsPlease note here that Cyrus Yancey was also in Pendlton Dist. SC with & very mear to the james Bolling of the 1820 Pendleton Dist. census. Robert Patterson is Doris' man and James Bolling is my man. Mary Ann Patterson marries my Andy P. Bolding as his 1dt wife. Also note Thomas Skelton & Pattons.

Hardin Patterson marries my Elizabeth Bolding d. James Bolding. andy b. 1812, Elizabeth b. ca. 1810 or 11. Frances who marries James M. Hill another early child b. in SC NOTE: JOSEPH BOLDING
John and Isaac Bowling of Sullivan Co. Tenn. 1840 census675 viewsPlease note the Blevins family also here. It is thought that this is the son of the older John Bolen of the 1830 census & the pension application.

This John Bowlin is not a pensioner. Note that Isaac is a different category.
William Bolen of Sullivan Co. Tenn. American Revolutionary Pensioner 1840 age 83649 viewsCan this be the same person ?: John Bolen pension application b. 1760
va William Bolen b. 1757? Some think yes....I am not so sure.

This William is living with Toliver who is known to be the son of the John b. 1760 of Pension Application.
1840 - Toliver and Larkin Bolen Sullivan Co. Tenn. 1840554 viewsNote: Toliver because this is the page on the left side that goes with the page on the right side with William Bolen age 83.Hazael
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