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Bever Creek Church [Baptist] Henry Co. VA 1786-1790 by Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, daughter of Richard Marshall Anthony561 viewsThis document was photo copied by Hazael Taylor in the Los Angeles Public Library. It was a serendipitous find.

This woman transcribed the double letter of old manuscript as an "f"... It contains several Group 5 DNA connecting lines... Thomas Cooper, Joseph Pedigo, James Rea [father of Rebecca Rhea who married John Bolling?], and a Thomas Bolling....transcribed with 3-4 different spellings.

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HazaelJan 10, 2011
ark boldings pg 4896 viewsBettyeDec 05, 2010
arkansas Boldings pg3845 viewsBettyeDec 05, 2010
arkansas boldings pg 2816 viewsBettyeDec 05, 2010
pg1862 viewsHistory from family bibles showing John Preacher Bolding and His brother Billy lead a wagon train from alabama to form the town of Bolding ArkansasBettyeDec 05, 2010
georges chapel marker504 viewssign at the entrance to Old Georges chapel cemetery was in place 1844 John and Nancy Bolding are the only recorded Boldings buried hereBettyeDec 03, 2010
687 viewsgrave marker of Rev John Bolding (b 07/22/1793 d 04/22/1862)and wife Nancy Shaeffer. They are buried at Old Georges chapel Cemetery near Strong Arkansas . Rev Bolding lead a wagon train from Alabama to Arkansas in 1852, The settled and names the villiage Bolding Arkansas BettyeDec 03, 2010
Alabaa State Agriculture Census 1850656 viewsThis is noteworthy because this record [unlike the Federal census] shows Solomon at p. 65 and the others Boldings at p. 67 indicating that more than likely they did live near each other.HazaelJul 02, 2010
1850 Alabama State Census record p. 66 & 67517 viewsThis record holds the names of more Boldings than just those in the Federal Census. Note John Williams who might be Doris' man of that name. Next is Jas. Bolding who in that age bracket is Hazael's Rev. Jas. Bolding. Immediately under him is A.P. Bolding. Then John Bolding and another A. P. Bolding, mine is the one above with more sons; Then James A. Bolding then Moses Weatherby [looks like Weatherly] and next to him the elder Joseph Boling same age as my James. Then the Wren, then Pattersons, BatesHazaelJul 02, 2010
DAR application of Mrs. Jimmie Dolahite Moss of Virginia860 viewsMrs. Moss of Charlottesville Co. VA & mention of Monroe Co. Mississippi; Pontotoc, Mississippi; Franklin Co., Alabama; 96th Dist. SC; various places in VA and Goochland Co. VA.HazaelMay 24, 2010
DAR application of Mrs. Jimmie Dolahite Moss of Virginia861 viewsNote: This descent is claimed to be from William Bolling of Goochland - and I am wondering if it could be the Cumberland Co. out of Goochland William Bolling or if it is totally erroneous. We had thought the Bollings of Cumberland to be Group 5 DNA.HazaelMay 24, 2010
A.P. Bolling [Bolding] & Sam Rayburn Political allies all their lives.400 viewsHazaelMay 24, 2010
A. P. Bolling/Bolding working in Sam Rayburn's Law Office in Bonha, Texas from Sam's Biography p. 48805 viewsA. P. Bolling and Sam Rayburn - how they went to same law school, and how they met again in Bonham, Texas.HazaelMay 24, 2010
Rayburn A Biography 676 viewsMention of A.P. Bolling [Bolding] as a close political alli. [in Bonham, Texas].HazaelMay 24, 2010
1810 Pendleton Dist. SC - James Boling and his brother in law Wm. Paris - both married to daughter's of Capt. Robert Pickens1217 viewsIn this census image...the first census where James Bolling is found, Note: John Wiggington next to him and the two Willington men at the bottom of this page...John & George. Also note Aaron Nally. He was the son ofAbraham Nally who was on George's Creek from St. Mary's Co. Maryland. Hence the James Bowling from St. Mary's has crossed my mind as an possible ancestor for my James Bolling. The John Clardy family however, is from Halifax Co. VA and that is to me the most likely home of James Bolling's ancestors.HazaelMay 23, 2010
1790 Pendleton Dist. SC Robert Pickens & Andrew Warnock & John Hallum.709 viewsRobert Pickens is the father of Anne Pickens who marries James Boling who moves near here in 1807. ...That is unless he is already living near here as one of the 3 sons of James Bowling of the 1787 land grant on 18 Mile Creek.
Andrew Warnock is the father of Lucretia Warnock who marries John Porter Bolding the brother to my Andrew P.Bolding who is born here in 1812.
HazaelMay 23, 2010
Location of Jacob Phillips, William Hodges, and Ambrose Foster with regard to the two deeds of land of James Bolling who marries Anne Pickens527 viewsPlease note in this 1790 census of Abbeville Dist. SC [land which later becomes part of Pendleton OR these two men also had land in Penleton Dist. SC - The William Hodges of Abbeville who sells to Jacob Phillips of Abbeville in on Twenty-Three Mile Creek which later Jacob Phillips sells in 1807 to my James Bolling who married Anne Pickens. Please note here also Ambrose Foster who ties back to the John Bolling who married Ann Chapman of Halifax Co. VA whom I believe to be my line of Bollings.HazaelMay 22, 2010
Heirs of Phillips Prator land on Eighteen Mile Creek to James Chapman 549 viewsNote: James Chapman from Halifax Co. VA....Phillips Prator ancestor of Anne Pickens d. of Robert whose wife Dorcas Hallum is a Prator descendant.HazaelMay 20, 2010
Minor Winn land on Eighteen Mile Creek in Pendleton Dist. SC482 viewsHazaelMay 20, 2010
Andrew Pickens - Archibald Bolin connection in Pendlton Dist. SC 546 viewsNote Flora McAllister later intermarries with Hazael Taylor's Boldings from Pendleton Dist. SC. Land on Keowee.HazaelMay 20, 2010
Wm. Paris & wife Dorcas {Pickens] land on Twenty-three Mile Creek Pendleton Dist. SC710 viewsHazaelMay 20, 2010
One William Hallum [father of Dorcas w. of Robert Pickens] land on Eighteen Mile Creek near to Twenty three Mile Creek. Not sure same one.583 viewsHendersons of Yvonne of Group 5 DNA and Wm. Hallum's land near both 23 & 28 mile Creeks [they run closely tp each other ] Eighteen Mile Creek is where Jamaes Bolling of 1800 census of Pendleton Dist. SC is located. Has 3 sons. 2 are Drury & John Bolling.HazaelMay 20, 2010
Phillips Prator on Eighteen Mile Creek in Pendlton Dist. SC 1792433 viewsPhillip gittings Prator is ancestor of Anne Pickens wife of James Boling of 1810 census. But note 1800 census an older james Boling also on 18 mile Creek in Pendleton Dist. SC....granted forAmerican Revolutionary Service in the Carolinas. Some descendants in Orangeburg Dist. SC. Drury and John Bolding & Mary Bolding...Jeffcoats, etc.HazaelMay 20, 2010
Wm. Paris & wife Dorcas {Pickens] land on Twenty-three Mile Creek Pendleton Dist. SC564 viewsThe importance of this deed is the connection of both James Boling [wife Anne Pickens] and Wm. Paris [wife Dorcas Pickens] both having land on Twenty-three Mile Creek in Pendleton and they are shown next to each other in the 1810 census. Note also here below
Joseph Leech to John Smith on Twenty-three mile creek land by John Oldham, Zachariah Tallifero, [pronounced Toliver] and witnessed 1822 John Bolding. [One Mary Tarpley married a Oldham in Richmond Co. VA.]
HazaelMay 20, 2010
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