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Mark & Henry Hardin connections to John Bolling & Nathaniel Chapman of Wynne's Creek Halifax668 viewsMay Court [Halifax] 1764: page 273 Peter Roger's on wyunn's Creek , two Henry Hardins, Mark Hardin, N athaniel Chapman, John Bolling Ambrose Foster, John & Henry Kerby [with Sophia choice connection] and William, Francis and David Frandon. Note James LeGrand [& think of William Bolloing's path near Abraham LeGrand].

See Ambrose Foster later in Abbeville 1790 near to William Hodges/Jacob Phillips who deed land to James Boling who marries Anne Pickens.
HazaelMay 20, 2010
861 viewsWilliam Hodges of Abbeville Dist. SC to Jacob Phillips of same place for land on Twenty-three Mile Creek of Savannah River for 25 pds. 190 acres.

Note that later jacob Phillips sells 216 acres of James Boling.
HazaelMay 20, 2010
Rev. James Bolding/Bolling gets his land on Twenty Three Mile Creek in Pendlton Dist. SC 540 viewsJacob Phillips sells land to James Bolling of Greenville Dist. SC in 1807. Land on Twenty-three Mile Creek of Savannah River. Robert Pickens [James father in law or future father in law is witness.]HazaelMay 20, 2010
553 viewsHazaelMay 19, 2010
532 viewsHazaelMay 19, 2010
524 viewsHazaelMay 19, 2010
675 viewsHazaelMay 19, 2010
Obadiah, John, Collins & James Bolding 1818 Greenville Dist. SC539 viewsLand to heirs of John Bolling. Book K, p. 269.HazaelMay 19, 2010
633 viewsJefferson-Fry map of Lunenburg Co. Virginia 1750HazaelMay 19, 2010
Agnes Bolding Leslie - 2571 viewsData showing connection of William Bolling from another S.C. Baptist Church in 1811 who he was under their "watch care" and one mentioned is Oolenoy so perhaps the 2 John Bolin men near John Chastain [1790 census] who loved on the Oolenoy River.

Note: He bought his land from John Hellum who connects to Hazael's line of Dorcas Hallum wife of Robert Pickens mother of Anne Pickens who marries [Rev.] James Bolding. Both men are g roup 5 DNa abut it is not known if there is a Bolding connection.
HazaelMay 19, 2010
Agnes Bolding Leslie's book on the family of Jonathan Lee Bolding of Pendleton Dist. SC1053 viewsPhoto of Jonathan Lee Bolding and his ties to William Nelson [possibly of the Pittsylvania/Henry Co. Deed of William Nelson alias for Bolling...and HazaelMay 19, 2010
Bolding - Messer families of Franklin Co. Ala. continuation674 viewspages 6 & 7 of the letterHazaelMay 19, 2010
Bolding - Messer families of Franklin Co. Ala. continuation674 viewsNote the reference here to the Oscar Bolding family of Beth Bolding Roberson.HazaelMay 19, 2010
Sudie to Alice Bolding Walker 1965693 viewsLetter about the Messer family and their connection to the Boldings of Franklin Co. Ala.HazaelMay 19, 2010
Sudie to Alice Bolding Walker 1965640 viewsUncle Mark mentioned in the letter is Rev. Mark Shaw who married one of the Messer daughters who was a sister of Alice Bolding's mother Sarah Ann Messer.

Google Mary Markley to find on line the history of this Messer family.
HazaelMay 19, 2010
Sudie to Alice [Bolding Hale] Walker 1965711 viewsLetter telling about Messer family connection to Mark Hardin. Connection to Henry Hardin of Pittsylvania Co. VA. Intermarry with the Messer family....

Sarah Ann Messer [Bolding/Bolling] was Alice Bolding's mother.
HazaelMay 19, 2010
Samuel & Abi Golling on Snow Creek & Thomas Boulton on Snow Creek - both Eusebus Hubbard & Amos Richardson & Phillip Blassingame453 viewsHenry Co. VA 1778-1780 tax lists and deeds transcribed.HazaelMay 19, 2010
1778 - 1780 Tax Lists - Henry Co. VA & B's & C's [partial]604 views1778 - 1780 Tax Lists - Henry Co. VA & B's & C's [partial]HazaelMay 19, 2010
1778 - 1780 Tax Lists - Henry Co. VA A's & B's [partial]853 viewsVA A's & B's [partial]HazaelMay 19, 2010
Tax List Henry Co. VA 1778-1780 635 viewsFirst Page of Tax List Henry Co. VA 1778-1780 showing assessors and commissionersHazaelMay 19, 2010
Obit of Woodward Alexander Weatherbee by Jud Weatherby690 viewsHandwritten & copied from the newspaper article by Jud Weatherbee to Alice Deverline Bolding Hale Walker in 1965. Alice was becoming interested in genealogy.HazaelMay 16, 2010
467 viewsWoodward Alexander Weatherbee obit - transcribed by Jud Weatherby.HazaelMay 16, 2010
Obituary of Alexander Woodward Weatherbee d. 469 viewsCopied from the newspaper article by Jud? Weatherbee and mailed to Alice Deverlin Bolding Hale Walker. HazaelMay 16, 2010
Milly Tarpley w. of Beverley Daniel471 viewsSee connection of Group 7 Bollings made guardians for Beverley Daniel's children in Greenville Co. SC.
Source: Marriages of Richmond County Virginia 1668-1853
by George HS King
HazaelMay 16, 2010
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