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Obadiah, John, Collins & James Bolding 1818 Greenville Dist. SC430 viewsLand to heirs of John Bolling. Book K, p. 269.Hazael
Rev. James Bolding/Bolling gets his land on Twenty Three Mile Creek in Pendlton Dist. SC 429 viewsJacob Phillips sells land to James Bolling of Greenville Dist. SC in 1807. Land on Twenty-three Mile Creek of Savannah River. Robert Pickens [James father in law or future father in law is witness.]Hazael
Bever Creek Church [Baptist] Henry Co. VA 1786-1790 by Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, daughter of Richard Marshall Anthony429 viewsNote here: date 1790 - Martha Bowling, James & Joseph Anthony, Thomas Cooper, mention of Marrowbone association, Joseph Pedigo etc.Hazael
Letter to Pension office re Bolding affidavits428 viewsA letter to the pension office from J.L. Edwards regarding the pension of Burgess Witt and the affidavits from John (a minister), Obadiah and William Bolding saying in their opinion Burgess Witt was not a veteran.Diane
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Campbell Co., TN Deed Abstracts424 viewsBowlings in Campbell Co., TN. Most if not all are the Joseph Bowling and Valentine Haley family.Diane
Flora Pearl McAllister Bolding422 viewsThis is Flora Pearl McAllister Bolding, wife of Robert Almanty Bolding of Texas. This photo was provided by Virginia Bolding Curry.Kammy Curry
421 viewsAlexander Patton Bolding [nephew of the first of the name who lived in Franklin Co. Alabama] of Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas - Speech in 1944 delivered over Radio for re-election of Speaker Sam Rayburn to congress from their district.

States that A.P. and Sam were neighbors for over 30 years [in 1944] and shared same office for 3 years.
Location of Jacob Phillips, William Hodges, and Ambrose Foster with regard to the two deeds of land of James Bolling who marries Anne Pickens421 viewsPlease note in this 1790 census of Abbeville Dist. SC [land which later becomes part of Pendleton OR these two men also had land in Penleton Dist. SC - The William Hodges of Abbeville who sells to Jacob Phillips of Abbeville in on Twenty-Three Mile Creek which later Jacob Phillips sells in 1807 to my James Bolling who married Anne Pickens. Please note here also Ambrose Foster who ties back to the John Bolling who married Ann Chapman of Halifax Co. VA whom I believe to be my line of Bollings.Hazael
History of Bever Creek Church 1786 Henry Co. VA421 viewsJames Rea mentioned several times. Thomas Bowling spelled 3 different ways: Thomas Boulin, clerk; Thomas Boudlin; Clerk, Thomas Bowling, clerk. Presummable he wrote his own name 3 different ways as he was the clerk.

The mention of Martha Bowling also in this church leads one to think possibly this is Thomas Bouldin and w. Martha Mosley. They attest a deed in the area.
John Bowling of Pittsylvania Co. VA Deed 1833 land from Allen Chandler mentions Abraham Parrish420 viewsPg. 2 of document. witnesses: Clement Pigg [who gets land from Allen Chandler also this same year on Bearskin Creek] John Dickson, Hesekiah Giles, James Cobbs.Hazael
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Thomas Cooper, letter from Pension office420 viewsA letter from the pension office regarding the VA Rev. War service of Thomas Cooper. This is in reply to an inquiry about the pension file the office received & it details the service of Cooper.Diane
History of Bever Creek Church 1786 Henry Co. VA417 viewsMention of Thomas Bowling, Henry Clark,Joseph Pedigo, Thomas Garner, Joseph Anthony, Joseph Shores Price, Reuban Payne. Hazael
Tennessee Legislative Petitions416 viewsPetition of residents of NW Clinch Mountain in Hawkins Co., TN, 1799.
Petition of residents of Anderson Co., TN, 1801
Pleasant W. Bolling w, Sarah Ann of Pittsylvania Co. VA Bareskin Creek - 1860415 viewsLand on Bearskin Creek mentioned earlier to John Bowlin now in records of Pleasant W. Bolling and wife Sarah Ann Bolling.Hazael
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Bolling and Bowling Generations415 views1931 Manuscript by Rufus B. Bird. May it be noted that some family members state that Rufus Bird was dying from cancer when this was written and that he may have stretched the truth in his attempt to connect his family to Pocohontas. I personally do not know if this is true or not but it is interesting none the less.Dan
Ashford Hughes to Christopher Bolling, Goochland, VA414 viewsAshford Hughes sells 150 ac. of land to Christopher Bolling. The land lies on the South side of James River on the branches of Muddy Creek, adj. Ashford Hughes, Thomas Walton, Ralph Flippen & James Blevings. Diane
1786 Petition for Division of Sullivan Co., TN413 viewsSTATE OF FRANKLIN, TN; 1786 Petition for Division of Sullivan County to form a new county (Hawkins)
Transcribed by E. Perry
Clay Co., KY Bolin/Bowling tax lists413 viewsTranscriptions from copies of original tax records taken from microfilm. Some associated names (Baker, Henson etc) have been included.Diane
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