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Rebecah & Obadiah Bolding statements512 viewsAffidavits from Rebecah and Obadiah Bolding re. VA Rev. War service of Thomas Cooper.Diane
Bolling and Bowling Generations512 views1931 Manuscript by Rufus B. BirdDan
Tennessee Legislative Petitions511 viewsPetition of residents of NW Clinch Mountain in Hawkins Co., TN, 1799.
Petition of residents of Anderson Co., TN, 1801
1850 Alabama State Census record p. 66 & 67510 viewsThis record holds the names of more Boldings than just those in the Federal Census. Note John Williams who might be Doris' man of that name. Next is Jas. Bolding who in that age bracket is Hazael's Rev. Jas. Bolding. Immediately under him is A.P. Bolding. Then John Bolding and another A. P. Bolding, mine is the one above with more sons; Then James A. Bolding then Moses Weatherby [looks like Weatherly] and next to him the elder Joseph Boling same age as my James. Then the Wren, then Pattersons, BatesHazael
1830 McMinn Co. Tennessee - James Bolling, Robert Patterson, Andrew Warnock, cyrus Yancey 509 viewsPlease note here that Cyrus Yancey was also in Pendlton Dist. SC with & very mear to the james Bolling of the 1820 Pendleton Dist. census. Robert Patterson is Doris' man and James Bolling is my man. Mary Ann Patterson marries my Andy P. Bolding as his 1dt wife. Also note Thomas Skelton & Pattons.

Hardin Patterson marries my Elizabeth Bolding d. James Bolding. andy b. 1812, Elizabeth b. ca. 1810 or 11. Frances who marries James M. Hill another early child b. in SC NOTE: JOSEPH BOLDING
Ada Pratt Webb & Sister Photo509 viewsPhoto of my grandmother, Ada Pratt Webb (daughter of Susan Jane Bolling Pratt) on the right, and her sister Ida on the left. I can't identify the woman above. Taken sometime around 1910.john
Biography of William Franklin Hill - half brother of Robert Anderson Harvey Bolding/Bolling b. 1850 Pleasant Site, Franklin Co. Alabama p. 2509 viewsP.2 of his biography, but the important page where parents are mentioned.Hazael
1786 Petition for Division of Sullivan Co., TN505 viewsSTATE OF FRANKLIN, TN; 1786 Petition for Division of Sullivan County to form a new county (Hawkins)
Transcribed by E. Perry
Gabriel Bolling from Benjamin Woosley Deed503 viewsGabriel Bolling from Benjamin Woosley Deed recorded 1811 in Patrick Co., VADan
Christopher & Lydda Bolling to James Bolling, Goochland, VA502 viewsChristopher & Lydia Bolling sell 250 ac. situated below Willis's River on branches of Willis's River. Land adj. James Cuningame [sic: Cunningham] & James Bolling's line. This was land that Christopher obtained by patent. We believe that this is the same Christopher Sr of Lunenburg/Halifax/Pittsylvania/Henry counties later. We also believe James Bolling is the same man that died in Pittsylvania Co., VA in 1772, leaving a will. Diane
Sugar Hollow in Sullivan co. Tennessee502 viewsHazael
Ashford Hughes to Christopher Bolling, Goochland, VA500 viewsAshford Hughes sells 150 ac. of land to Christopher Bolling. The land lies on the South side of James River on the branches of Muddy Creek, adj. Ashford Hughes, Thomas Walton, Ralph Flippen & James Blevings. Diane
Deed for land on Mill Creek in Pittsylvania Co. VA to William Bolling alias William Nelson from William Haymes500 views100 acres on Mill Creek; Land lies near that of William Brumfield, Yates line, etc. Had belonged to William Haymes.

[Hazael's comment] Note that Group 5 DNA Jonathan Bolding of Greenville Co. SC has a son named William Nelson Bolding.
Ozro Hazzard Perry Bolding, wife Willie Mae (Mimi) Bailey Bolding and daughter Virginia Ruth Bolding Curry497 viewsThis photo is of Ozro Hazzard Perry Bolding, wife Willie Mae (Mimi) Bailey Bolding and daughter Virginia
Ruth Bolding Curry. This photo was provided by Virginia.
Kammy Curry
georges chapel marker496 viewssign at the entrance to Old Georges chapel cemetery was in place 1844 John and Nancy Bolding are the only recorded Boldings buried hereBettye
Grantor to Deeds Index Pittsylvania Co. VA495 viewsGrantor Index to Deeds
Note: Feb. 20, 1797 John Bolling & wife Stasha; Dec. 16, 1811, William Bolling & wife Susannah; July 24 1835 James Bolling & wife Sally? to Charles Haley; and Jan. 19, 1846 William Bolling to Thomas Parrish. [Hazael's comment: one Tom Parrish along with his sister Naomi lived with Franklin Co. Ala. James Tarpley Bolding family as their mother had remarried james Tarpley Bolding as his 2nd wife. [Her 2nd husband]
James Bolding - 1835 Land grant 494 viewsThis is a land grand for James Bolding of Franklin County, Alabama in 1835. It says, 'for the north half of the south east quarter of Section 7 in township six of range twelve, west, in the district of lands subject to sale at Huntsville, AL, containing 81 acres and forty six hundredths an acre.Kammy Curry
494 viewsHazael
Gabriel Bolling from Henry Thompson Deed492 viewsGabriel Bolling from Henry Thompson Deed recorded in 1814 in Patrick Co., VADan
Nancy Jane Bolding 490 views Granddaughter of Wm Langley Bolding NANCY JANE BOLDING (daughter of William Robertson Bolding and Parthenia Quillin) was born on 15 Jun 1857. She died on 23 Nov 1913. She married J.V.DAVENPORT in 1880.
Buried at Hallsville Cemetary Hallsville Texas
James Bolling to Atkinson- Goochland, VA473 viewsJames Bolling sells to John Atkinson 200 ac. on south side of James River and being on both sides of Grooms (or Crooms) Quarter branch adj. James Cunningam (Cunningham). Diane
Minor Winn land on Eighteen Mile Creek in Pendleton Dist. SC472 viewsHazael
1758 Halifax Co., VA Militia471 viewsDiane
One William Hallum [father of Dorcas w. of Robert Pickens] land on Eighteen Mile Creek near to Twenty three Mile Creek. Not sure same one.469 viewsHendersons of Yvonne of Group 5 DNA and Wm. Hallum's land near both 23 & 28 mile Creeks [they run closely tp each other ] Eighteen Mile Creek is where Jamaes Bolling of 1800 census of Pendleton Dist. SC is located. Has 3 sons. 2 are Drury & John Bolling.Hazael
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