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John Bolling Franklin County Alabama 1830788 views1830 Census of John Bowling Franklin County Alabama ca. 1830. Note same age as the John Bolling in 1840 between Doris Oakes' two Weatherby men who had Bolling wives. Also NOTE: [1] David Tollerson mentioned with Lawrence Co. Ala. Bolling estate. [2] Burgesses...who witness will of Andy P. Bolding; Wm. Sparks who is next to Isaac Cloud in 1830 McMinn & patents this land in Franklin Co. Ala. Elizabeth Sparks given in Doris' family Bible. Connect there to william Wood & toJoseph Rice & Andersons.Hazael
Affidavits of John, Obadiah & William Bolding787 viewsAffidavits by the Boldings saying they thought Burgess Witt was not a Rev. War veteran. Witt had been receiving pension since 1825.Diane
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776 viewsHalifax Co. VA Court Orders 1758-59 etc.Hazael
Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 775 viewsp.1

Multigenerational tree of descendants of William Bowlin of Early Sullivan Co. Tennessee.
Franklin Co. Alabama Bolding Family Bible Records - transcribed773 viewsSee the originals here in the Original Bible Records area.
Comments by Doris Ann Weatherby Oakes
tin types 772 viewsI found these among a group of photos from the 1800s that belonged to Thomas Benjamin Bolding wife Daisy Roberson (arkansas). Most of thse were the Roberson/Cottrell family but these two were labeled "Bolding" with no first names . An the back of the one with the book/bible in his hand there is a name but it is no readable any ideas who these are ? Thanks BettyeBettye
Thomas Benjamin Bolding & family762 viewsPhoto abt 1917 Bennie Bolding born 1889 Wife Daisy Roberson Bolding and only Child Asa Roy Bolding (asa Roy was the father of my spouse John Bolding). Bennie was the son of James milton Bolding, Grandson Obediah F Bolding, Great grand Son of John Preacher Bolding leader of the wagon train to arkansas from alabama, and the ggg grandson of Obediah Bolding born 1745 and noted in group 5... just as a side note Both Father and Son had bright red hair Bettye
Descendants of William Bowlin - Sullivan County, Tennessee Boling Family Tree by Sandy Eggers761 viewsp. 10. 11, 12 are all end notes that site the documentation for this family tree.Hazael
759 viewsFannie Bolding and Charlie Adams in Lapile Arkansas abt 1915 Fannie was the daughter of James Milton Bolding Bettye
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757 viewsHalifax Co. VA Court Orders 1758-59 etc.Hazael
1790 Greenville Co. SC census image752 viewsThomas Bowlin of Tyger River. Note Rayburns, and Hazael's Joab Halds. Note also William cornelius...was he the same as recruited Joseph Bolling of Indianna Am. Rev. Pension. Note Cornelius Cargeal.Hazael
Descendants of William Bowlin - Sullivan County, Tennessee Boling Family Tree by Sandy Eggers750 viewsHazael
Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 746 viewsp.9Hazael
Family Group and Home of Alexander Patton Bolding, first of the name, of Franklin Co. Alabama742 viewsLeft to right:

Mamie Bolding, Nannie Bolding- holding baby Ruth Bolding, Totsie Bolding, Andy Bolding, Alexander "Patton" Bolding, Roy Bolding, Arminda Bolding, Ed Bolding, Steve Bolding, and John Bolding. This photo from records of Roy Bolding submitted my Mary Ellen Ahlstrom to The Heritage of Franklin County, Alabama published by Heritage Publishing consultants, Inc. Clanton, Alabama p. 33.
Thomas Bolling etal v Admr of Ann Amos742 viewsSuit in Chancery Court, Cumberland, VA by Plaintiffs Thomas Bolling et al v Defendant Charles Amos, Admr of Ann Amos estate. This case involves the children of Ann Amos, namely Thomas Bolling, Jesse Bolling, Jane & husband Robert King, Judith & husband William Miles, Rebecca & husband Martin Faris, Fanny & husband Drury Scruggs, & the children of daughter Sarah (Amos) Hinson, dec'd - Charles, Robert & Francis Hinson. According to this list, Charles Amos, the administrator, is not Ann's son.Diane
Christopher Bolling of Louisiana741 viewsRecords I have found on the Christopher Bolling & wife Catherine (Higgins) Bolling who lived in Louisiana in the 1790's & early 1800's.Diane
Family Notes of Alexander Patton Bolding, Jr. of Bonham, Texas...named after his Uncle Alexander Patton Bolding741 viewsNotes written and typed up by Alexander Patton Bolding Jr. of Bonham, Texas for the benefit of a descendant of Gov. Jared Young Sanders of Lousianna 1908-1912 [Gov.] Hazael
Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 739 viewsp.8Hazael
Bolling Family Database Index738 viewsIndex of Bolling Names (All Spellings) Sorted By Given Name. This index was compiled from a large family file database created with a large number of published Gedcom files. It is especially useful for finding an individual without having to search every possible spelling variation of Bolling. Each entry includes birth date & place, death date & place, mother, father, and spouse, if it was given in the database. The RIN number may be used to locate the individual's family in the database. john
738 viewsHalifax Co. VA Court Orders 1758-59 etc.Hazael
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Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 736 viewsp.7Hazael
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