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Bolling Henry County Tax Lists - 1782 to 1800417 viewsExcerpts of the PP tax lists for Bolling & others of interest, Henry Co., VA. Taken from FHL microfilm.Diane
417 viewsFrances Hale wrote the names on the back of this photo. It shows to the left Roy Bolding, Hazael Taylor in the red jacket [early I am not sure of the date], Preston Hale, Frances Hale, and Una Bolding - Roy's wife. We made a trip to Franklin Co. Ala. to check our roots. Daddy and Roy had corresponded and Roy said he knew where our Robert lived. I have other photos of the water here.Hazael
Henry County Deeds Abstracts416 viewsAbstracts of Deeds for Henry County, VA. Includes Bolling and other names of interest.Diane
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Correspondence - Linda Collins of Cabot, Arkansas to Hazael Taylor of Dallas, Texas415 viewsLinda's letter contains information regarding her relative William Franklin Hill and his Military Papers of which she sent copies; also the obit for Dr. James D. Hill, a mutual relative of Pensacola Florida and Alabama; and a copy of the biography of William Franklin Hill the son of Mary Ann Pershing Hill of Franklin Co. Alabama. Hazael
Bolding Family of Franklin Co. Ala. Bible record - births411 viewsBolding Family of Franklin Co. Ala. Bible record - births

[Martha Magennie] July 17, 1834; [Ann]ay M. May 16, 1836; [James Tarpley] Oct. 15, 1841; [Harrison Pickens] April 5, 1846; [John P.]une 4, 1848; [Rober]t A. Sept.11, 1850; Elizabeth H. Feb. 29, 1853; Martha D[everlon] Feb. 19, 1856; Alexander P[atton] Aug.27, 1859.

3 children of Alexander Patton Bolding w. Arminda Lewis Bolding
1880; 1882; 1886
Samuel Peters & Patsy Bowling bond410 viewsMarriage bond for Samuel Peters and Martha "Patsy" Bowling, 8 Sep. 1831, Clay County, KY. William Bowling, bondsman. Patsy is the dau. of Christopher Bolin and Nancy Baker. William Bowling is probably Patsy's brother William.Diane
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Heirs of Phillips Prator land on Eighteen Mile Creek to James Chapman 407 viewsNote: James Chapman from Halifax Co. VA....Phillips Prator ancestor of Anne Pickens d. of Robert whose wife Dorcas Hallum is a Prator descendant.Hazael
Typed Family Notes of Alexander Patton Bolding of Bonham, Fannin Co. Texas407 viewsThis documents the previous marriage of Alexander Patton Bolding's grandmother to a Mr. Hill. Also includes their kinship with the John Weston Messer/Merser family from Henry Co., GeorgiaHazael
Andrew Pickens - Archibald Bolin connection in Pendlton Dist. SC 405 viewsNote Flora McAllister later intermarries with Hazael Taylor's Boldings from Pendleton Dist. SC. Land on Keowee.Hazael
Bever Creek Church [Baptist] Henry Co. VA 1786-1790 by Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, daughter of Richard Marshall Anthony405 viewsThis document was photo copied by Hazael Taylor in the Los Angeles Public Library. It was a serendipitous find.

This woman transcribed the double letter of old manuscript as an "f"... It contains several Group 5 DNA connecting lines... Thomas Cooper, Joseph Pedigo, James Rea [father of Rebecca Rhea who married John Bolling?], and a Thomas Bolling....transcribed with 3-4 different spellings.

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George Baker, Burns Cem., Morgan Co., IN403 viewsGeorge Baker, Rev. War tombstone, served from N.C. - he was born in 1759 in Granville Co., NC and died in 1841 in Morgan Co., IN. He is the father of Nancy Baker Bolin, wife of Christopher Bolin.Diane
Agnes Bolding Leslie - 2403 viewsData showing connection of William Bolling from another S.C. Baptist Church in 1811 who he was under their "watch care" and one mentioned is Oolenoy so perhaps the 2 John Bolin men near John Chastain [1790 census] who loved on the Oolenoy River.

Note: He bought his land from John Hellum who connects to Hazael's line of Dorcas Hallum wife of Robert Pickens mother of Anne Pickens who marries [Rev.] James Bolding. Both men are g roup 5 DNa abut it is not known if there is a Bolding connection.
402 viewsHalifax Co. VA Court Orders 1758-59 etc.Hazael
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Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 402 viewsp.4Hazael
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1840 - Toliver and Larkin Bolen Sullivan Co. Tenn. 1840400 viewsNote: Toliver because this is the page on the left side that goes with the page on the right side with William Bolen age 83.Hazael
Bollings in 1767 Pittsylvania, VA Tithe list399 viewsThis file is only the districts that Bollings were found living in.Diane
John Bowling of Pittsylvania Co. VA Deed 1833 land from Allen Chandler mentions Abraham Parrish398 viewsPittsylvania Co. Virginia Deed Book record p. 298 & 299. John Bowlin land from Allen & Frances Chandler on Bearskin Creek 1833 [most likely 2nd parcel to this same John Bowlin.]Hazael
Sullivan County, Tennessee Bowlin-Boling Family Tree 398 viewsp.2Hazael
Rev. James Bolding/Bolling gets his land on Twenty Three Mile Creek in Pendlton Dist. SC 397 viewsJacob Phillips sells land to James Bolling of Greenville Dist. SC in 1807. Land on Twenty-three Mile Creek of Savannah River. Robert Pickens [James father in law or future father in law is witness.]Hazael
Obadiah, John, Collins & James Bolding 1818 Greenville Dist. SC397 viewsLand to heirs of John Bolling. Book K, p. 269.Hazael
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